CERT Volunteers Deploying on a Search and Rescue Exercise

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1ST RESPONDERS City of Alameda Fire Department Fire Department information  Fire Department link 
1ST RESPONDERS City of Alameda Police Department Police Department information Police Department link 
1ST RESPONDERS Alameda Hospital Hospital and emergency room information Alameda Hospital link 
1ST RESPONDERS USCG Search and Rescue Coast Guard 24 hour emergency SAR numbers USCG SAR link 
1ST RESPONDERS Poison Control Centers Poison response information  Poison Centers link 
1ST RESPONDERS National Response Center Toxic spills response information Response Center link 
ALERTS Alameda Alert and Warning System City of Alameda sirens and media alerts Alameda Alert link 
ALERTS Code Red - Emergency Warning System City of Alameda telephone notifications Code Red link 
ALERTS Alameda County Emergencies News County warning information on the web County Warnings link 
ALERTS NOAA's National Weather Service Tsunami Warning Center Tsunami Warning link 
CERT TEAMS City of Alameda CERT Program City of Alameda CERT web site Alameda CERT link 
CERT TEAMS Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE) Oakland's CORE CERT website CORE CERT link 
CERT TEAMS Alameda County Fire Department Citizen Corps CERT listing for Alameda County County CERT link 
CERT TOOLS CERT Training Materials Citizen Corps web site training materials Training materials link 
CERT TOOLS CERT Student Manuals Civil Defense Net student manuals Student manuals link 
CERT TOOLS Alameda CERT Incident Management Tool Experimental incident management website Experimental site link 
PREPAREDNESS Alameda County Emergencies Information County preparedness information County preparedness link 
PREPAREDNESS Bay Area Terrorism Hazards and Resources Federal, state and local information ABAG preparedness link 
PREPAREDNESS FEMA Get Ready Site FEMA's preparedness information and tools FEMA Preparedness link 
PREPAREDNESS American Red Cross American Reb Cross web site Red Cross link 
PREPAREDNESS Earthquakes and Hazards Program ABAG hazard maps for SF Bay Area ABAG maps link 
SUPPLIES CMC Government Supply CERT Kits and Professional CERT Products CMC products link 
SUPPLIES First Aid Products CERT gear and kits FAP products link 
SUPPLIES CPR Savers & FIRST AID SUPPLY CERT Survival-Emergency Kits CPR Savers link 
SUPPLIES Quake Kare Inc Emergency Survival Kits & Supplies Quake Kare link 
SUPPLIES Responder Kits and Supplies CERT-Kits link 
SUPPLIES DisasterStuff Water Filters, CERT Kits DisasterStuff link 
SUPPLIES Kits-Supplies-Gear 4 Disaster Survival CERT Emergency Kits KSG4DS products link 
SUPPLIES Preparation Headquarters Family CERT Products PHF products link 
SUPPLIES iPrepare CERT Supplies iPrepare products link 
SUPPLIES EssentialPacks CERT Kits and CERT Supplies EssentialPacks link 
SUPPLIES Survival-Goods Search and Rescue Supplies and CERT Kits Survival-Goods link 
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